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“As a professional in the historic and vintage fashion field, I recognize the excellent quality of restoration and cleaning services provided by Madame Paulette Custom Couture Cleaners. Their outstanding service, knowledge and attention to detail make them one of the best in the industry. I do not hesitate to recommend them to clients and colleagues.”

— Marianna Garthwaite Klaiman, Sotheby’s Fashion Specialist

  • Museum Restoration
  • Archival Preservation
  • Extensive Reconstruction
  • Hand Dyeing
  • Restoration of Luster, Shine, Texture & Body

It’s a Matter of Trust!

When it comes to restoring your vintage garments, Madame Paulette offers a unique blend of services, which renew the designer’s original concept, while preserving the integrity of the garment. We are able to revive the color, texture and design as well as reverse the oxidation and yellowing, which naturally occur with age.

At Madame Paulette, caring for the finest fabrics and textiles with extreme attention to detail is our cornerstone. We use the finest, most advanced techniques to ensure that every intricate detail of your garment is restored to its original splendor. All garments are inspected under a black light to detect stains invisible to the naked eye, including inconsistencies in fabric and color. After the garment undergoes inspection, we proceed to reverse the oxidation and yellowing using pioneered techniques. We are able to eradicate fugitive dyes and replace trimmings and panels. Many garments soak for over a week in our custom restoration solutions, which are the safest and most effective in the world!

Madame Paulette can professionally remove underarm stains and discoloration, which are the result of varying PH levels. Following the fabric restoration and re-texturing processes, including proper sizing and finishes for each different fabric type, we then replace any beading, trimming or accessories. We insure that any replacement buttons are from the same time-period as the original. In addition, we also repair or replace any linings and can re-dye panels back to their original color. All stitching and re-tacking is done by hand with appropriate thread, even if a sewing machine did the original piece. Any lace is restored using fine, delicate threads. Each project is as unique as the garment itself, and benefits from Madame Paulette’s techniques, developed and mastered over the past fifty years.

Madame Paulette has had the honor of restoring the late Princess Diana’s most photographed gowns, which have been displayed on museum tours throughout the world.