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Pest Control

Moth damage control – as well as mothproofing – is two of the specialized treatments that Madame Paulette is uniquely equipped to offer to our customers. Moth infestation can affect both apparel as well as home furnishings – however Madame Paulette is the answer to both problems. Moths are nocturnal creatures that feed primarily on natural fabrics and are particularly attracted to stains or soiled areas. Good housekeeping is critical to the elimination of this problem. All apparel and interior furnishings, e.g. carpeting, area rugs, window treatments, upholstered furniture, etc. must be professionally cleaned and collectively treated specifically to eliminate and kill all living moth eggs, larvae and full-grown moths.

Madame Paulette has established a protocol to remove all infested items from your home. Consistent with Madame Paulette’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we also engage and work closely with a reputable exterminator. Madame Paulette will then conduct a thorough interior cleaning prior to all home furnishings and apparel being returned in order to insure that the moth problem is completely eliminated.

While there are several recommended over-the-counter products to control moth damage, including mothballs and cedar chests, these are not 100% effective and may create additional problems of their own. For example, mothballs contain a dangerous pesticide, which could be potentially harmful to children or pets and usually emit strong and unpleasant odors.

The professionals at Madame Paulette are equipped to help you resolve all aspects of your moth problems quickly, efficiently and permanently.